Local Lenders

Buyers are welcome to use any lender they prefer! These are a few local lenders that I have worked with in the past and had positive experiences with for my clients. I like to recommend local lenders because they are available to attend closings, and often provide more personalized recommendations and service. You can use a lender from this list, or any other lender of your choosing!

Fairway Mortgage – Melanie Henn
Website – https://www.fairwayindependentmc.com/melanie-a-henn
Downloadable App (allows you to apply online and communicate with your loan officer via text) – https://mtgpro.co/lzwu4
Phone – 719-499-8061

Guaranteed Rate Affinity – Lori Bautista
Website – https://www.grarate.com/loan-officer/loribautista
Phone – 719-960-5923   Email – lori.bautista@graarate.com

Total Lending Concepts – Mike Mattice
Website – http://mikemattice.com/
Phone –   719-505-3467

Northpointe Bank – Rick Ward
Website – https://www.northpointe.com/home-lending/get-started/rick-ward/
Phone – 719-229-0375   Email – rick.ward@northpointe.com