The Purchase Process

While the process of buying a home can be intense, here are the basics that you can expect to see in the majority of transactions.

  1. Speak with a Lender and get pre-approved.
  2. Find a reputable REALTOR® who can answer your questions and guide you through the process.
  3. Search for homes.
  4. Find the perfect home and submit a competitive offer.
  5. Get under contract and deposit Earnest Money.
  6. Shop for homeowner’s insurance and schedule an Inspection.
  7. After the Inspection, submit an Inspection Objection to ask the sellers to fix items that turned up during the inspection. Come to an agreement on what will be repaired (if anything), and sign the Inspection Resolution.
  8. Get an Appraisal on the property. If it appraises low, renegotiate the terms of the contract, or agree to bring additional cash to closing.
  9. Make sure there are no clouds on the title, that all HOA docs have been received, and that there are no easements or encroachments on the property you were unaware of.
  10. Get a “clear to close” from your lender and review all loan documents.
  11. Show up on closing day with any funds due. Sign all loan and title documents. Once funding has cleared (usually within a few hours…sometimes right away!) get the keys to your new home and move in!